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INTERVIEWS: Feon Davis, Poetess

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What Jesus Says

"What Jesus Says"
written by Feon Davis

You are my servant,
There is no queers from the start,
My answer is find,
You are my child,
I am yours, I said,
You are my servant,
Therefore, you sat with me,
I am His,
What Jesus Says,
I am his,
I am taken by His Spirit,
What Jesus Says,
My spirit shouts with voice now,
I am relieved,
By What Jesus Says.

His Eyes On Me, Satan Back Away!

He see all, He knows all, He sees man kind cast the first stone, He see all, He knows all,Its said, "Judge not that ye Be not Judged," He see all, He knows all,It's said, "I am born of God and the evil one can not touche me", I John 5:18 He is refuge, He is revealer of all I thank God, He save me, and spair me of Satans grasp, He sees all, He knows all, and I praise his name, He even knew what would happen before I, He written a plan for this child, And no weapon shall form against you He said.


Like A Baby Cradled In His Arms
Like a baby cradled I surrender, Like a baby cradled with a broken heart, Like a baby cradled take my spirit and heal it,  Like a baby cradled, Your glory like the warmth of love,  Like a baby cradled comfort me, Like a baby within his mother’s arms,  Shield me and protect me from harm, Like a baby cradled after being born, I am a blessing on this earth you brought forth.
written by Feon L Davis All right Reserved.


I Am Free
God grant me freedom, He free me from misery, He free me, my friend, He I praise, For he free me.


I believe within my heart I believe he died for us I believe in his mercy I believe he intend us to survive

I believe he is my sunlight I believe he is my pillar I believe cause he believes in me
I believe like the seasons I believe I believe he loves you and me I believe and I love him.

No Waivering of His love

His love is non waivering His love is constant His love pure His love is non waivering His whispers is pertaining His glory ministering His love is non waivering His praise is profound His joy is over flowing His  love is non waivering His word is teaching His holy spirit fulfilling His love is non waivering His  judgement is justiced His image lives within us His plan is not done.
written by Feon L Davis
 All right reversed.