What Jesus Says

"What Jesus Says"
written by Feon Davis

You are my servant,
There is no queers from the start,
My answer is find,
You are my child,
I am yours, I said,
You are my servant,
Therefore, you sat with me,
I am His,
What Jesus Says,
I am his,
I am taken by His Spirit,
What Jesus Says,
My spirit shouts with voice now,
I am relieved,
By What Jesus Says.

His Eyes On Me, Satan Back Away!

He see all, He knows all, He sees man kind cast the first stone, He see all, He knows all,Its said, "Judge not that ye Be not Judged," He see all, He knows all,It's said, "I am born of God and the evil one can not touche me", I John 5:18 He is refuge, He is revealer of all I thank God, He save me, and spair me of Satans grasp, He sees all, He knows all, and I praise his name, He even knew what would happen before I, He written a plan for this child, And no weapon shall form against you He said.


Like A Baby Cradled In His Arms
Like a baby cradled I surrender, Like a baby cradled with a broken heart, Like a baby cradled take my spirit and heal it,  Like a baby cradled, Your glory like the warmth of love,  Like a baby cradled comfort me, Like a baby within his mother’s arms,  Shield me and protect me from harm, Like a baby cradled after being born, I am a blessing on this earth you brought forth.
written by Feon L Davis All right Reserved.


I Am Free
God grant me freedom, He free me from misery, He free me, my friend, He I praise, For he free me.


I believe within my heart I believe he died for us I believe in his mercy I believe he intend us to survive

I believe he is my sunlight I believe he is my pillar I believe cause he believes in me
I believe like the seasons I believe I believe he loves you and me I believe and I love him.

No Waivering of His love

His love is non waivering His love is constant His love pure His love is non waivering His whispers is pertaining His glory ministering His love is non waivering His praise is profound His joy is over flowing His  love is non waivering His word is teaching His holy spirit fulfilling His love is non waivering His  judgement is justiced His image lives within us His plan is not done.
written by Feon L Davis
 All right reversed.

A Blessed Child

A Blessed Child
Those little hands and finger, and tiny toes, I Thank God for blessing me with a child, A blessed child that runs, walk and is healthy as He, I Thank God for blessing me with a loving child, So gentle his heart and soul, a new His eyes fill of your grace, and Holy Spirit, When I see Him, His arms, and legs grow with every hug, and kiss and prayer, I Thank Father God for giving me a blessed child, She shines like the beauty of a pink rose fill of serenity, She walks toward me with pure innocence, and love of your strength, She runs into my arms, and I just can't let go of sheltering her from the storm, I Thank God for blessing me with a blessed Child in his name.

Baring Gift

Baring Gift
I am taken back my heart, I am taken my soul, I am taken my soul, I am taken my flesh, No more abuse, No more false love, No more I am used goods, I am in his image, I am of his image, I am a virtuous woman, I am to be appreciate, loved, woman of beauty, I am free in his image, I belong to myself, I belong as a virtuous woman.

Proverbs 31:10-41


Jesus Is My Medicine Jesus is my medicine, When, I am at rest in his arms. And the sea is moving with every wave crashing upon the shore. Jesus is my medicine, Where I am grounded, and planted within his soil of solitude. Jesus is my medicine, How you wonder that is on a day of praising, A day of rejoicing of his restless blessings. Jesus is my medicine, How you ask, is the replied, " The antidote is,
"I am in his image". © written by Feon Davis
 All Rights Reversed.

"I Ask God"

"I Ask God"
I ask God? I ask ... well? For rest with this weariness, I ask God to take care of it, I ask God to break the chains and bonds, I ask God to touch my brothers, I ask God to deliver them from Satan's clenches, I ask God to hobble their heart and spirit, I ask God in His Holy Spirit grace them, I ask God unify, seal and armor their spirit in His right name. AMEN.
I written this due to prayer I said for all and for my family. Your welcome to print this share it or share here. All that I write is to blessed everyone. And Brings me gladness and his love speaking to my heart to yours

Palm Of His Hands

Palm of His Hands
He has our hearts, and yes our souls' We are his blessings, no matter when the anchor is thrown, I kneel to pray, And his plan extends to my soul, Now I am reborn, I need not crawl anymore, There's no doubt God always had mein the Palm of his hands, If ever I call, His love will be deliverance in hand.

This poem is published In the issue of Divine Magazine. Available within "By The Hands of God" Christian poem collection of my book


Talk To God
I talk to god today, I talk to god about... Well, I talk to God about my day, I talked to God about my health, I told him about my emotions , How I love talking to God, Do you talk to God too? I Talk to God yesterday, I talk to him when, I am ashamed, I talk to God about my goals, I talk to God as I pray, When I talk to god I am in such peace, Talking to god reblemishes my spirit, Like a prayer poem from my heart, I talk to god, Yes indeed, talking god is my life, I talk to god when nothing is fulfilling, "I praise God" when I talk to God, I hope you talk to God Today.

My Brother Is Jesus

My Brother Is Jesus

He is my right hand,
My brother is Jesus,
When I need an right hand in front,
And behind he is there,
My brother he is free with eagle,
And not the beast of evil,
But the tanned gentle as a lamb,

My brother is Jesus from your open hand of my hand,
I ask my brother Jesus,
And he smiles with reply,
This is my blessing for you plentiful in gracious doves,
And before me is my brother sparrow at flight,
My brother Jesus persisted in the good flight
And in time of rebirth you shine upon us,
My brother I see clearly from out of the storm,
And you will send our answered prayers,
My brother is Jesus,
And I know I am the calmness of spirit within,
A child of your brotherly love Jesus,
Therefore, I am your creation shelter us always at your bosom.

Refuge In Him

Refuge In Him My refuge in him is before me, I am in heaven looking among man, My refuge in him is shelter,and peace, "He said, "I have a mission for you" In refuge I am hobbled,
The stream flow as He created, A refuge in him, "He commandth, " And it shall be done", Refuge in him isn't costly, Nor doubted, Refuge in him is surrendering unto thee. Ephesian 6:17 Psalm 18:1

I Am Surviving

This photo was taken by me using digital camera only 8pixel at that. Then I use Adobe photoshop to incorprate my scripture.

This life as Christian woman of God growing up.
I wanted to share with everyone my disability. I am born with learning disability. And along with that I had some trauma events that took place, since the age 5-adult age. In addition, I have anxiety, depression, stress, phobias, social anxiety, and pigment problems and was pushed down some stairs, suffered a concusion as a child.

I have posted a poem that I written after my mother had told me happen to me before I was born. Apparently, back in that day they wouldn't let the husband come in for the delivery. But she was getting some sleep before delivering me. And lady comes in and tries to murder her in her sleep with a pillow. She struggled, until she calls on Jesus to give her strength. And that's when, all the force with her spirit pushes back. At this time my mom, was trying to catch her breath. When the…

Fear Not Little Flock

Fear Not Little Flock

Fear not, little flock; for it is your
Father good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32

I am but one out of 10 thousand,
My plight is under his dearest eyes,
I am of that flock that is wondering aimlessly,
And I am lost
He is there to give me light within my heart and soul,
A light of glory to accompany me along my way,
The glory of his light is big enough to shelter his flock,
A covering to shield the weak, and deprived,
 I am of his flock,
I am one that is lost no more.

 At times you are feeling lost, deprived or neglected of your feelings, despairing of your life,
Your family without happiness; give it all to Jesus in his name.
He will justify you with his Holy spirit.
He brings forth the prayers into his kingdom. 
And blessings in his glory and sends out his miracles, and healing to his followers, his flock.
You meant to be here as he has written in his plan...
You're the mission he has planned.
Ask Jesus, what do I need to do in your name,

God And Christ

God And Christ

God of Mercy God of Abraham God of Moses God of Man Christ looking down upon a man Christ sees the horrible senseless heartache Christ also see his children sharing, loving, hugs Christ son of God Christ knows the reason Christ has not abort such blessing Christ leads my life God of given and forgiveness God of Joy and respect God of Rejoice.
©2010-2011 Feon Davis

Cleanse Thee

Cleanse Thee

Cleanse my soul and heart Lord,
Cleanse this earth of all evil, and of the anger, hurt and shame,
Cleanse me Lord of this body,
Yet Lord you know my plight,
Take control where I do not Lord,
Cleanse my past, and renew me in your plan,
I am hobble, yet I know you have control,
As you lived the battle before us,
I am praying for your judgment of the in justice,
Cleanse this child's life,
A renewth in her spirit will come, and be by your Holy name.

written by Feon Davis


Father Your always there Even when we are sinken within, yet from your strength there is faith and from this we trust you No matter the day I kneel to pray for my soul Your Holy Spirit was there In your word I have comfort, joy and rest As a child gathering among others hand in hand to pray there will always be harmony unite and uttered words is transin about us and above us, because you walked the footprints of mankind we bare our soul, and we feel your arms extended wide to our spirits' embracing ours, and this is the end of the comparison it's just only you Father.
written by Feon Davis

My Feathers

My Feathers written by Feon Davis   Precious feathers I love, Precious yet so soft and angelic, You cover me so elegantically, with warmth,
Precious feathers that carries me to the blue sky, Precious feathers free me to fly, Like a angel these are precious feathers, My precious feathers shed as I fly high, Precious feathers expand graciously, as if a shelter from the rain.