Monday, January 03, 2011


Talk To God

I talk to god today,
I talk to god about...
Well, I talk to God about my day,
I talked to God about my health,
I told him about my emotions ,
How I love talking to God,
Do you talk to God too?
I Talk to God yesterday,
I talk to him when, I am ashamed,
I talk to God about my goals,
I talk to God as I pray,
When I talk to god I am in such peace,
Talking to god reblemishes my spirit,
Like a prayer poem from my heart,
I talk to god,
Yes indeed, talking god is my life,
I talk to god when nothing is fulfilling,
"I praise God" when I talk to God,
I hope you talk to God Today.

1 comment:

staysaved said...

Yes I am very proud to say, I talk to God today!