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This life as a Christian woman of God growing up, in Morehead City, North Carolina. She is born with learning disability. Despite, this she "Thanks God" she is here. And I would have this spiritual connection from God. To the point I would have vision, dreams and even here whispers from God. I am still learning, yet am hobble a lot when I ask God to guide me and show me what it is he wanted me to do. I never give up, even when I am frustrated, or angry of my emotions. As you all heard the saying "He has all control". At one time, I would wish and wanted to be normal and live normal. But I am coming to a higher sincerity, if you will of his plan for me. Even with my mental and physical limits and boundaries. My senses and spirit is open to what humanity can not hear, or when I hear angels singing.

I have been blessing over the years to write Christian poetry. But it what I didn't expect is write other types of writing. Eventually, advanced into creative writing, I written, my true spiritual experiences. I have been writing this book since 1998-2005 now. .Through pray, I learn a lot more from the Lord I also rebuild my own computer, design and update my own web site as well.

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 Note: I will ask for God's Guidance before taken on the task. Thank you and Your all in my prayers.

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