Monday, January 03, 2011

Palm Of His Hands

Palm of His Hands

He has our hearts,
and yes our souls'
We are his blessings,
no matter when the anchor is thrown,
I kneel to pray,
And his plan extends to my soul,
Now I am reborn,
I need not crawl anymore,
There's no doubt God always had mein the Palm of his hands,
If ever I call,
His love will be deliverance in hand.

This poem is published In the issue of Divine Magazine.
Available within "By The Hands of God" Christian poem collection of my book


Talk To God

I talk to god today,
I talk to god about...
Well, I talk to God about my day,
I talked to God about my health,
I told him about my emotions ,
How I love talking to God,
Do you talk to God too?
I Talk to God yesterday,
I talk to him when, I am ashamed,
I talk to God about my goals,
I talk to God as I pray,
When I talk to god I am in such peace,
Talking to god reblemishes my spirit,
Like a prayer poem from my heart,
I talk to god,
Yes indeed, talking god is my life,
I talk to god when nothing is fulfilling,
"I praise God" when I talk to God,
I hope you talk to God Today.