Published Articles

 There's are just few of my published articles through the years.

Her articles and poems have appeared Entitled " Address His Word" ,"Redeemer of The Broken" @ The Blessed Room Magazine

Fear Not Little Flock~  Listen to First 1st Pod cast encouragement audio book entitled Christian poem "Fear Not Little Flock" written by Feon Davis
 The SISTHAHS MINISTRY E-Newsletter ~ Entitled Poem: "Manifested My Soul "February Issue 2007, Breakwater Newspaper 95-96 ISSUE
 Paper Wings 95-96 ISSUE "Think Tank" Newsletter of Tangerine Sky Productions -2006 ISSUE, The Visual Messenger by Roo Palmer-2006 ISSUE
 Featured @ Sistah's ,and Brotha's Sharing book club 2006

 Inspiration Station Christian Magazine for Children - " Blessed Child","Christmas Time" issue of 2006,
Sisters In The Lord Magazine Sept 05 Interviewed by The Kevin Scott Collier Poem entitled " Love Me Heart &
Soul My Black Man " @ www.

 Featured " His Words Through My Spirit " @ under Black Authors Featured Poems within issues of

Broadcasted on The S.I.S.T.A.H.S Ministry Site
Featured @ Mandianam Press First Review of "Forever Friends" Anthology

PALM OF HIS HAND PUBISHED IN Divine Inspirations-Volume II ISSUE 9 on site {Magazine one of NY TIMES POPULAR MAGAZINES }

My Brother Is Jesus,Talk To God, Cupth Runnth Over Published In Divine Inspirations.  - poems to comment on