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Published Articles

 There's are just few of my published articles through the years.

Her articles and poems have appeared Entitled " Address His Word" ,"Redeemer of The Broken" @ The Blessed Room Magazine

Fear Not Little Flock~  Listen to First 1st Pod cast encouragement audio book entitled Christian poem "Fear Not Little Flock" written by Feon Davis
 The SISTHAHS MINISTRY E-Newsletter ~ Entitled Poem: "Manifested My Soul "February Issue 2007, Breakwater Newspaper 95-96 ISSUE
 Paper Wings 95-96 ISSUE "Think Tank" Newsletter of Tangerine Sky Productions -2006 ISSUE, The Visual Messenger by Roo Palmer-2006 ISSUE
 Featured @ Sistah's ,and Brotha's Sharing book club 2006

 Inspiration Station Christian Magazine for Children - " Blessed Child","Christmas Time" issue of 2006,
Sisters In The Lord Magazine Sept 05 Interviewed by The Kevin Scott Collier Poem entitled " Love Me Heart &
Soul My Black Man " @ www.

 Featured " His Words Through My Spirit " @ under Black Authors Featured Poems within issues of

Broadcasted on The S.I.S.T.A.H.S Ministry Site
Featured @ Mandianam Press First Review of "Forever Friends" Anthology

PALM OF HIS HAND PUBISHED IN Divine Inspirations-Volume II ISSUE 9 on site {Magazine one of NY TIMES POPULAR MAGAZINES }

My Brother Is Jesus,Talk To God, Cupth Runnth Over Published In Divine Inspirations.  - poems to comment on

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His Eyes On Me, Satan Back Away!

He see all, He knows all, He sees man kind cast the first stone, He see all, He knows all,Its said, "Judge not that ye Be not Judged," He see all, He knows all,It's said, "I am born of God and the evil one can not touche me", I John 5:18 He is refuge, He is revealer of all I thank God, He save me, and spair me of Satans grasp, He sees all, He knows all, and I praise his name, He even knew what would happen before I, He written a plan for this child, And no weapon shall form against you He said.

Fear Not Little Flock

Fear Not Little Flock

Fear not, little flock; for it is your
Father good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32

I am but one out of 10 thousand,
My plight is under his dearest eyes,
I am of that flock that is wondering aimlessly,
And I am lost
He is there to give me light within my heart and soul,
A light of glory to accompany me along my way,
The glory of his light is big enough to shelter his flock,
A covering to shield the weak, and deprived,
 I am of his flock,
I am one that is lost no more.

 At times you are feeling lost, deprived or neglected of your feelings, despairing of your life,
Your family without happiness; give it all to Jesus in his name.
He will justify you with his Holy spirit.
He brings forth the prayers into his kingdom. 
And blessings in his glory and sends out his miracles, and healing to his followers, his flock.
You meant to be here as he has written in his plan...
You're the mission he has planned.
Ask Jesus, what do I need to do in your name,

A Blessed Child

A Blessed Child
Those little hands and finger, and tiny toes, I Thank God for blessing me with a child, A blessed child that runs, walk and is healthy as He, I Thank God for blessing me with a loving child, So gentle his heart and soul, a new His eyes fill of your grace, and Holy Spirit, When I see Him, His arms, and legs grow with every hug, and kiss and prayer, I Thank Father God for giving me a blessed child, She shines like the beauty of a pink rose fill of serenity, She walks toward me with pure innocence, and love of your strength, She runs into my arms, and I just can't let go of sheltering her from the storm, I Thank God for blessing me with a blessed Child in his name.