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Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Jesus Says

"What Jesus Says"
 written by Feon Davis

You are my servant,
There is no queers from the start,
My answer is find,
You are my child,
I am yours, I said,
You are my servant,
Therefore, you sat with me,
I am His,
What Jesus Says,
I am his,
I am taken by His Spirit,
What Jesus Says,
My spirit shouts with voice now,
I am relieved,
By What Jesus Says.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

His Eyes On Me, Satan Back Away!

He see all,
  He knows all,
  He sees man kind cast the first stone,
   He see all,  
He knows all, Its said, "Judge not that ye Be not Judged,"
  He see all,
 He knows all, It's said, "I am born of God and the evil one can not touche me", I John 5:18
  He is refuge,
  He is revealer of all I thank God,
  He save me, and spair me of Satans grasp,  
He sees all,
   He knows all, and I praise his name,
  He even knew what would happen before I,
   He written a plan for this child,
  And no weapon shall form against you He said.

Friday, July 27, 2012


 I Am Free

God grant me freedom,
He free me from misery,
He free me, my friend,
He I praise,
For he free me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Blessed Child

A Blessed Child 
Those little hands and finger, and tiny toes,
I Thank God for blessing me with a child,
A blessed child that runs, walk and is healthy as He,
I Thank God for blessing me with a loving child,
So gentle his heart and soul, a new
His eyes fill of your grace, and Holy Spirit,
When I see Him,
His arms, and legs grow with every hug, and kiss and prayer,
I Thank Father God for giving me a blessed child,
She shines like the beauty of a pink rose fill of serenity,
She walks toward me with pure innocence, and love of your strength,
She runs into my arms, and I just can't let go of sheltering her from the storm,
I Thank God for blessing me with a blessed Child in his name.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Jesus Is My Medicine
Jesus is my medicine,
When, I am at rest in his arms.
And the sea is moving with every wave crashing upon the shore.
Jesus is my medicine,
Where I am grounded, and planted within his soil of solitude.
Jesus is my medicine,
How you wonder that is on a day of praising,
A day of rejoicing of his restless blessings.
Jesus is my medicine,
How you ask, is the replied, " The antidote is,
"I am in his image".
© written by Feon Davis
 All Rights Reversed.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Palm Of His Hands

Palm of His Hands

He has our hearts,
and yes our souls'
We are his blessings,
no matter when the anchor is thrown,
I kneel to pray,
And his plan extends to my soul,
Now I am reborn,
I need not crawl anymore,
There's no doubt God always had mein the Palm of his hands,
If ever I call,
His love will be deliverance in hand.

This poem is published In the issue of Divine Magazine.
Available within "By The Hands of God" Christian poem collection of my book

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Brother Is Jesus

My Brother Is Jesus

He is my right hand,
My brother is Jesus,
When I need an right hand in front,
And behind he is there,
My brother he is free with eagle,
And not the beast of evil,
But the tanned gentle as a lamb,

My brother is Jesus from your open hand of my hand,
I ask my brother Jesus,
And he smiles with reply,
This is my blessing for you plentiful in gracious doves,
And before me is my brother sparrow at flight,
My brother Jesus persisted in the good flight
And in time of rebirth you shine upon us,
My brother I see clearly from out of the storm,
And you will send our answered prayers,
My brother is Jesus,
And I know I am the calmness of spirit within,
A child of your brotherly love Jesus,
Therefore, I am your creation shelter us always at your bosom.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

God And Christ

God And Christ

God of Mercy
God of Abraham
God of Moses
God of Man
Christ looking down upon a man
Christ sees the horrible senseless heartache
Christ also see his children sharing, loving, hugs
Christ son of God
Christ knows the reason
Christ has not abort such blessing
Christ leads my life
God of given and forgiveness
God of Joy and respect
God of Rejoice.

©2010-2011 Feon Davis